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Switzerland, Zurich
Switzerland, History

updated 9.26.04

Photogallery - France

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Eastern France

Steve tries on his Arab present from the Horalas.

Paul & Madelen Horala were friends of Steve in Chad.

Strausburg, France: European Parliament buildings.

Gutenberg's statue. His printing press put the Bible into the hands of the people.

Famous mechanical clock that kept tract of planet alignments as well.

Restored castle.

Old weapon.

View from the castle.

Vineyards in the valley. Castle visible in the distance.

Check out the storks on top.



Near Faverois, Belfont, France (Previously known as Normanvillars, AlSase, France)

Nearby farmer who help point us to the church.

Chappel de Floreimont - Possible site where Daniel Peter Steiner preached before immigrating in 1824.

We were unable to find any Steiner in the graveyard, however this may be because they recycled grave sites.

Claudine, Paul, and Madelen Horala with Steve.


Trip to Germany

The Horala's lived in St. Louis just a few kilometers from the point where Germany, Swtiz., and France come together.

Claudine took Lydell and Denver over the border into Germany, so we could say we had visited Germany.



GIlbert & Jacquilene KloPFenstein's Farm

We stayed at Gilbert & Jacquilene's farm house two nights.

The Klopfenstein's were friends of Steve from Chad.

Their son raised chickens which he sold at the market.

Steve taught us that the difference between goats and sheep was that a goat's tail goes up while a sheep tail goes down.

Beautiful sunset.

Foggy Sunrise.



Emmanuel's Home - Work place run by the Mennonite church for Mentally handicapped people.


Notre Dame

Inside Notre Dame.

The famous art gallery the Louvre where the Mona Lisa is.

Buying Crepes downtown.

View from our hotel. The cemetery is on the left.




Fun at The Eiffel Tower

Beth don't do it...

View from the top.


- don't do it!