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Switzerland, Zurich
Switzerland, History

updated 9.26.04

Photography - Switzerland 1 - Zurich

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Train Ride

Boarding the train to begin our 22 hour train trip to Zurich, Switzerland.

The young guys beat the old guys in a game of rook.

Sleeping cabin on our second train.

Although we all slept well on the sleeping train, 6am came to early.



We can now say that we've been to Germany, even if we slept through most of it, and got off accidentally at a German train station.

Lydell gets interviewed by some college students soon after arriving in Zurich.




Giant game of chess in the park.

Grossmunster Church - Zwingli's Church, were Felix Manx got his start as a priest.

Rathaus Town Hall where the meeting between the first Anabaptists and Zwingli occurred in which Anabaptism became illegal.

On the fish market bridge, the site where Felix Manx was condemned.

St. Peter's Church - Largest clock in Europe.

The statue of Zwingli outside the Grossmunster.

Plaque honoring Felix Manx put in early this year. Only recently has the Anabaptist persecution been recognized in Switzerland.

We had supper at cousin Eunice Kreider's house.

Lovely view from Eunice's apartment.

Lydell is becoming our nature photographer.

Evening view of Zurich.

Night view of Zurich.

Train terminal at night.

Tuesday morning we felt the first rain trip of our trip.

Steiner Cousins: We blame the rain on Beth's arrival.

View from on top of the Grossmunster.

Steve reads up on Anabaptist history from the Swiss perspective. The book was purchased at the Grossmunster.

Room and Desk used by Zwingli.

Lydell drinks from one of many water fountains.


Mennonite connections in Switzerland.


Steiner Transport


Depicts Zwingli's death in a battle against the Catholics.