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updated 9.26.04

Photogallery - Spain

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We stayed three nights with missionaries Ron & Brenda Anderson and their son Mark in Camarma, on the outskirts east of Madrid

0 km marker: All roads in Spain are tallied off this marker in Madrid.

Statue depicting a scene from the famous book, Don Quioto.

After seeing our creative photography, Ron wanted to join.

Palace Building

Ron explains Spain's politics.

Main Cathedral in Spain.

We stopped for lunch at a Spanish "fast food" joint. This meant we stood at a bar and enjoyed fried squid and pepper sandwiches.

Looking over the town of Camarma.



Pozoblanco - Southern Spain

Rocky and dry road to Pozoblanco.

Spain's solution to the heroin problem is to GIVE it's people synthetic heroin, therefore putting the drug dealers out of business.

Intoxicated youth the annual Feria pose for a picture.

Our host Francis plays with the family gerbil.

Night sky outside of Francis' Home.

Friday morning we met with local church leaders.





The Bull Fight

Purchasing bull tickets the night before.

We decided to treat Francis and his wife Natalie to the bull fight. It was Natalie and our first time

We got lucky coming this weekend. This event only happens one weekend a year.

One of the bull fighter's assistants rams tiny spears into the bull.

Near the end, the bullfighter get's especially brave. I guess he get's style points.

Going for the kill. The bull fighter must ram the sword in an exact spot on the bull's back to reach it's heart.

The dead bull is hauled off by the team. The bullfighter is honored if he had a good performance by cutting off one or two of the bulls ears, but only if he makes the kill on his first attempt.

Setting sun on the arena.

Francis explains what is going on while Natalie looks on. We had second row seats in the sun section.

Leaving the arena.



Good Samaritan Drug Rehab Center

"The good samaritan" drug and alcohol rehab center.

Raul shows us the olive trees at the center.

Small worship service for the men.

Denver poses in front of an olive tree.

Main building where the men sleep and eat.

The center has 1200 olive trees




Pedro serves up a colorful dish of eggplant.

Miguel shows Denver the green house.

As usual, Blass has a big smile on his face.