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updated 9.26.04

Photogallery - England

England - Denmark - Sweden - Switzerland 1 - Switzerland 2 - France - Spain

England, Britian, Great Britian...

Beautiful clouds as we arrive into Detriot. Then onto England.

Our wonderful host that left us their home, Ernie & Ruby

Ruby preparing a delicious stir fry for lunch.

Nearby church. British architecture is Amazing.

Someone finally explained to us what these Cricket players were up to.

Stonehedge- Built around the time of Abraham.

Keystone that lines Stonehendge up with the sunrise on the longest day of the year.

Fact or Myth: Stonehendge was created by Giants...

Myth Debunked: Stonehendge was actually created by Stoners, or in Swiss German, "Steiners"

Sheep Grazing near Stonehendge.


Driving British Style

Driving on the left side...

Yes England uses Miles Per Hour. That is correct, we are really going 99 mph. Steve thinks he is on the autobahn.

We're gonna die!!!!

Bomb Disposal... That's comforting.

Caution Heavy Vehicles Manoeuvring. (No this isn't a typo) By the way, I love the colours.

Speed Dating Evenings... Ha! Ha! Bar, Bath (I am assuming they are referring to the city "Bath")

Beautiful countryside while we are stuck in construction queues.



The Cities of Bath & Oxford - Day 3 Trip

Double decker tour bus we took in Bath.

Riding on top.

Documenting the trip.

Bath is where some of the scenes from the new film Vanity Fair were filmed (or so our guide told us)

Bath received its name from the hot spring 'baths' built by the Romans .

Lydell looks down at ancient Roman Architecture.

Steve listens to his Audio Guide.

Preserved limestone faceplate to a Roman temple that once stood alongside the Baths.

Ancient Coins used near the time of Jesus. They were cast into the baths for healing.

We found out Oxford University is actually 26 different universities.

One university had a movie production team.

Cobblestone Road.

Mini Cooper: Lydell is ready to make a Gold Heist.



Waiting for the Train into London

Bus tour in London. We picked Dallas up Tuesday morning and then headed for London.

Reminds me of our capital building.

Mounted Officer

Leaning Tower of Pizza

Boat trip in London.

London Bridges falling down.

Big Ben


London Tower - Where William Wallace was killed.

Buckingham Palace

A Guard patrols the Palace.

Sorry for such little captions. After a long and tiresome day, I have little inspiration.    


TURF show

Friendly Faces:
Georgia Bannerman there.

Textron Remote-Control Spider

Log cutter. Matt Steiner they have an outlet in Bolivia!

Lydell drives the wannabe Ventrac 3000.

Friendly Faces: Don Cotton from Locke


Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Main Tower

Unfortunately we were only allowed to take outside photography.. we had fun while doing it.

Changing of the Guard